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 Landscape Planning

Beautiful Rivers
Yujiang River embraced the Shunan Flowers Scenic Area like an arm. It is a key part of valuable and rare endemic fishes in the upper reaches of Yangtze River, three kilometers away from the main watercourse of Yangtze River. Due to its gently flowing long water, with verdant bamboo surrounded on both sides, the river is known for its fame of “the scenic beauty is comparable to Lijiang River”. With few ripples and mirror-like blue water, the river attracts a great number of rafts and boats sailing and competing here, egrets hovering in the sky and fish swimming in the water. Wandering along the Yujiang River, embraced by verdant bamboo and golden cauliflower field, places you in the midst of a land of idyllic beauty.
Blazing Flowers
Shunan Flowers Scenic Area, 230-250 meters above the sea level with south subtropical climate, is highly suitable for south subtropical plants and parts of tropical plants to grow and hence is known as a large showplace of valuable and rare flowers and plants at home and abroad. There are more than 100 species of flowers and fruits, including American crape myrtle, paeonia delavayi, lavender, Chinese redbud, corn poppy, coreopsis, sally, jacaranda, prunus persica, pitaya, mango, jabuticaba, etc.
Interesting Picking
Shunan Flowers Scenic Area is formed with the river’s alluvial soil which is deep and fertile and where some rare fruits can grow well, such as pitaya, mango, jabuticaba, mulberry, lemon, etc. In harvesting time, you can pick fresh fruits and vegetables here with friends, children and parents, not only feasting for your eyes and tastes, but also acquiring knowledge about fruits and vegetables. Shunan Flowers Scenic Area, with its tempting fragrance of flowers and gorgeous colors of rare fruits and vegetables, will make you indulge in pleasures without stop freely and happily.
Joyful Sports
Shunan Flowers Scenic Area also has a variety of sports and leisure events, such as rafts drifting on Yujiang River, thrilling ecological grass skiing, horse riding and camping, all of which will give you a different feeling on the ecological nature. In daytime, the Wizard of OZ and Plants Maze allow you to experience elegant country life; Seven-stars Beach and Grassland Mongolian Yurts also give you another exotic experience. At night, you can lie on the grassland, gazing at the star-dotted dark sky and listening sounds from windbells and bamboos.
Archaic Rhyme
Hele Ancient Town, located along the both sides of Qixinghe River, is a newly built dwelling town in South Sichuan. Houses with cornice and tiles standing on both sides of the river and bridges spanning the gracefully running river, the town shows its lingering charm of picturesque Southern town. Cliff burial groups in the Eastern Han Dynasty, unearthed exquisite sarcophagus and portrait coffins, as well as abundant grave goods, all witness the prosperity of Yujiang River and add a feeling of nostalgia to the town.

Changning County Shunan Flowers and
Tourism Development Limited Company
Tel: 0831-4515888
Complaint tel: 0831-4611558
Address: Hele Village, Guhe Town, Chan
gning County, Yibin City, Sichuan Province